“Sold” Listing Marketing: Done Right

 One of the biggest mistakes agents make is NOT marketing or advertising the home AFTER it sells. Any agent can agree to take a listing, but it takes a true professional to get it sold. Don’t let your hard work go to waste.

Our “Sold” Package is dedicated to helping you gain a foothold in your listing’s neighborhood. We take a hybrid approach, utilizing both print and digital mediums to promote your results to local neighbors who may also be thinking of selling.

Postcards to Closest Neighbors

We start by printing and mailing a “Just Sold” postcard to 100 (or 200) of the properties closest neighbors – sending traffic to your custom URL and landing page to learn the new value of their home.

*If you already order listing packages with us, your postcard will match your brand’s template.

‘Just Sold’ Facebook Ad

We then target – demographically and geographically – the home’s neighbors on a larger scale with a more economical Facebook advertisement. Using data analytics, these ads find local neighbors and homeowners who are interested in learning the value of their home.

Custom Landing Page & URL

Both your postcards and Facebook advertisement funnel traffic to your custom landing page for your listing. Here we capture visitor’s information, and automatically send any leads directly to your inbox. The leads are yours to keep!

*If you ordered a listing package for your property – we’ll convert your existing property URL to your new home valuation page for the neighborhood.

Basic "Sold" PackageMost Popular

$ 249

Per Sold Package
  • Includes Postcard Customized to Property
  • Targeting 100 of Property’s Closest Neighbors
  • Print & Ship Postcards to those 100 Homes
  • 3-Day Targeted Facebook Advertisement
  • Customized “Home Worth” Landing Page
  • Order Sold Package

Expert "Sold" Package

$ 449

Per Sold Package
  • Includes Postcard Customized to Property
  • Targeting 200 of Property’s Closest Neighbors
  • Print & Shipping to those 200 Homes
  • 7-Day Extended Budget, Targeted Facebook Ad
  • Customized “Home Worth” Landing Page
  • Custom Website URL (ex: 7MorningMist.com)
  • Order Sold Package