38 Real Estate Blogs for Finding Social Media Content

By February 16, 2017Free Resources

Creating content consistently is tough. It’s difficult to say and even harder to do if you’re an active and busy agent. 

Most agents see an article pop up in their newsfeed and share it with their business page if it’s relevant enough. This isn’t a bad option, but it’s not very reliable.

Unfortunately your news feed doesn’t always present you with the best content, which means you’ll need to create it or find it. This article is meant to make the process of finding sharable content even easier.

Below is a list of 38 websites you can search to help you find content. I’ve included a short description about the website and the content you’re likely to find there. The results below are in no particular order. It might help to bookmark this page for future reference.

Zillow PorchlightGo to Zillow Porchlight

Zillow has a few blogs, each aimed at a different target market. Zillow’s Porchlight blog consists of content from featured Celebrity homes, home improvement tips, market trends, and more. If you don’t view Zillow as a mortal enemy, then you’ll probably have no issue finding consistent content to add to your monthly calendar. If you’re not a fan of Zillow, skip these next few options.

Zillow ResearchGo to Zillow Research

As a real estate agent, it’s important to understand the market both locally and nationally. Zillow Research provides reports, analytics, and data sets to understand the real estate industry on a macro level. If you’re a data driven agent who loves to crunch the numbers and share results with your followers.

Zillow DigsGo to Zillow Digs

This is a great resource to share with your followers who are interested in remodeling. Zillow Digs takes Pinterest remodeling ideas to the next level as it deconstructs photos of gorgeous home interiors and features, and provides information on where to purchase or find similar products to complete the look. While it’s great to share the link, their “Guides” page provides articles to share with your followers. (http://www.zillow.com/digs/guides/)

Realtor.comGo to Realtor.com

Realtor.com is another heavy-hitter in the real estate social content space and publishes content on real estate related current events, advice articles, celebrity homes, and macro-economic real estate market trends among other pieces.

HouselogicGo To Houselogic

Houselogic is a site developed for “homeowners who want smart solutions to enjoy, improve, and maintain their home; for buyers ready to find their happy place; and for sellers ready for their next chapter.” Their original content includes seasonal articles, tips and tricks, and more.

Houzz.comGo to Houzz.com

Houzz is a popular destination for homeowners who are looking for home design, decorating, and remodeling ideas. They feature articles and pictures of unique living spaces, a “room of the day” piece, and practical tips for homeowners.

Home Depot DIY’s and Ideas | Go to Home Depot

For some great inspiration for the weekend warriors – go where the DIY’ers go. Home Depot provides helpful articles, tips, and videos for just about anything you can think of. Find topics on doors, windows, flooring, heating, cooling, home maintenance, renovation, the great outdoors, storage and organization…the list goes on and on. This is a go-to for adding in perfect DIY related content to your social calendar.

Lowe’s DIY Ideas and How-To’s | Go to Lowe’s DIY Ideas & How-To’s

Vary up your home improvement sources with Lowe’s blog of DIY ideas and how-to tips. Topics cover whole home style, lawn, garden, and outdoor living, kitchen, bathroom, painting, and maintenance just to name a few.

HGTV | Links Below

Home design, decorating, and remodeling ideas cover just a few of the blogs available on HGTV’s site. Here’s a glimpse at the type of blogs that are available to share from:

Architectural Digest | Go to Architectural Digest

Architectural Digest is a great place to find content on the latest architectural design elements, but also provides content on luxury lifestyles, inside looks at celebrity homes, decorating and renovation ideas and more.

Fox – Real Estate | Go to Fox Real Estate

You’ll find interior decorating tips, home innovation ideas, luxury homes, celebrity news, and more.

CNN – Real Estate | Go to CNN Real Estate

Get the latest news on macro-level industry trends. Follow mortgage rates, trending topics, and global issues dealing with the real estate industry.

CNBC – Real Estate | Go to CNBC Real Estate

Another news source for national real estate industry articles that covers everything from mortgages, residential and commercial real estate, construction, REITs and more. Articles like this coupled with a one or two sentence summary are great ways to stay on your toes with current events.

Forbes – Investing/Real Estate | Go to Forbes Real Estate

Over at Forbes you’ll find more newsworthy, current-event related articles that tend to tackle global issues involving real estate. While this isn’t exactly light reading, it’s worth perusing for relevant articles as what happens in the global landscape trickles down to your local area in one way or another over time.


REALTOR®Mag is the official real estate magazine of the National Association of REALTORS®. The content aims to bring expert insight into significant trends. You’ll probably have to do a little more filtering of content with this resource, as content can be intended to provide value to brokers and agents. Legal rulings aren’t exactly what your followers are looking to be entertained with.

HowStuffWorks – Home & Garden | Go to HowStuffWorks

HowStuffWorks is a great place to learn how stuff actually works. Chock full of how-to articles of everything from lawn and garden, stain removal techniques, community living, how to fix broken appliances and more.

RealtyTimes | Go to RealtyTimes.com

Realty Times is a great place to grab resourceful articles about the top articles affecting the real estate community, and includes both consumer facing and agent/broker related content. There is a LOT of content on this site.

RISMedia | Go to RISMedia

RISMedia has a large assortment of newsworthy, practical articles for consumers. Their advice section is filled with interesting articles that soon-to-be or current homeowners could find useful.

Bloomberg Pursuits – Real Estate | Go to Bloomberg Pursuits

Superyachts, gorgeous mansions, private islands and much more await you on the Bloomberg Pursuits page. When you’re feeling in need of a pick-me-up, this is a great place to find some entertaining reads into the lives of the mega-rich and wealthy.

Business Journals | Go to Business Journals

This is a great place to head for regional residential real estate news. You can select from a dropdown of nearly 40 cities across the US for a filtered view of locally relevant content, or you can opt for the national level to see what’s going on in different markets. In any case, it’s a fantastic place to find locally relevant real estate content.

Entrepreneur | Go to Entrepreneur.com

Inside you’ll find money-wise articles and practical advice on everything from buying a home, investing, and more. There are a lot of folks who want to learn how to invest in real estate, but don’t know where to start. These tips and advice articles are sure to help get the ball rolling, and hey, you can help them find their first investment!

Wall Street Journal | Go to Wall Street Journal

Real estate doesn’t stop, and neither does the news flowing out of the Wall Street Journal. Explore worldwide and national real estate articles, commercial real estate news, and inside looks at some incredible private residences around the world.

HomeAdvisor | Go to HomeAdvisor.com

Tips, tutorials, expert information and advice, resources, featured articles and more make up the content selection available at HomeAdvisor.

Kosip | Go to Kosip.com

Kosip is a great resource to find articles on art, DIY tips, interior design, architecture, home hacks and more.

Moving.com | Go to Moving.com

Moving.com is a website devoted to helping folks weigh the options among different moving companies – but they have some resources and guides on their site that can help with the buying and selling process. This website is also affiliated with theRealtor.com network of sites.

Investopedia | Go to Investopedia.com

Over in the personal finance section you’ll find real estate related articles that have to do with everyone’s bottom line – the wallet. This information ranges from definitions of common real estate jargon to nationwide issues having to do with your home and the market. Lots of valuable resources to share with your followers here.

BiggerPockets | Go to Bigger Pockets

This is a fantastic resource for all your investor clients out there. Here you’ll find some amazing articles jam packed with information that your investor followers will love. Their Ultimate Beginner’s Guide to investing is a foundational starting point for many investors. Lots and lots of valuable content here.

Bankrate | Go to Bankrate.com

Bankrate.com is a leading aggregator of financial rate information, and they offer personal finance content to help consumers make better informed financial decisions. Their large base of content is a perfect place to find shareable content for your page on anything from mortgages to refinancing.

Better Homes & Gardens | Go to Better Homes & Gardens

Choose from four different blogs targeting the latest home trends, go-to-recipes, innovative home ideas, and everyday gardening tips.

Senior Demographic Articles

SeniorHousingNet | Go to SeniorHousingNet

If your followers are among the 55+ demographic, SeniorHousingNet is a great place to find relevant content for this specific audience. Articles related to downsizing, financial planning, and independent living are all available here.


AARP is a highly relevant resource website for folks 55 and older. With smart, money saving tips, articles on the home and a changing lifestyle are highly relevant posts that can provide value to this specific demographic.

Broker Based Content

If you’re part of a larger brokerage, you’re in luck. All the major players have blogs that you can share content from. If you do use this content, it’s good practice to be a member of the broker’s blog you’re posting from.

Coldwell Banker | Go to Coldwell Banker Blog

Real estate trends, articles for the home, smart technology and much more is available from the Coldwell Banker blog.

Sotheby’s International Realty | Go to Sotheby’s International Realty

Take a glimpse into some of the world’s most beautiful homes with Sotheby’s emphasis on luxury and international real estate.

Century 21 | Go to Century 21 Blog

Home projects, outdoor decorating tips, house hacks and more are all available from Century 21.

RE/MAX | Go to RE/MAX Blog

Home tips, seasonal articles, consumer tips for buying and selling are just a few of the topics covered on the RE/MAX blog.

Keller Williams | Go to Keller Williams’ Blog

Mending fences, DIY’s, how-to’s and maintenance tips are all content pieces available from this resource.

Better Homes & Gardens Real Estate | Go to Better Homes & Gardens Real Estate

Everything from organizing your home, running a smooth holiday party, interior design tips, and home maintenance are included in this collection of shareable blog content.

What’s your favorite place to find social content? Did it make the list? Let us know in the comments.